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Estimates Are “Delicious” to Prepare

A Plan is like a delicious recipe. A recipe can be tasteless once you lose focus. We prepare the construction estimates by giving them proper time and looking at every detail inch by inch.

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We are always good. Ready to dominate. And according to CSI Trades.

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Florida Happily Estimates with US

We work with the hefty capabilities to offer the estimates to GSA (General Services Administration), DOT (Department of Transportation), and many other government agencies. Moreover, we are well-known among commercial clients in Florida.
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Let's Talk About Florida Going Green with Our Estimates

Florida is the state where the construction landscape is as varied as our beautiful eco dreams. From the urban sprawl of Miami to the tranquil beaches of the Gulf Coast, it is bustling with activity. Our Construction Estimating company stands out by offering unparalleled expertise. We specialize in comprehensive Construction Takeoff Services and MEP Estimating. Our team adheres strictly to international standards, ensuring precision and reliability in every project.

Our Services cover all CSI divisions and are thorough and encompassing. We have tailored our services to meet the unique needs of our state's construction horizon. Whether it’s a high-rise in downtown Orlando or a sprawling resort in the Keys, we have the skills and knowledge to provide accurate costings that keep projects on budget and on schedule.

Our proficiency is not just about numbers; it is about building a foundation of trust and efficiency that Contractors can rely on. With a keen understanding of local regulations and environmental considerations, we offer a level of service that speaks directly to the complexities of building in the Sunshine State. From initial planning phases to final cost analysis, we are the go-to experts for any Construction Management team in the State.

100% Perfect Material and Quantity Takeoffs, Every Time!

We specialize in all kinds of Commercial Takeoff services across the state. Need to nail down materials or quantities? We do both Material and Quantity Takeoffs with precision. Working on a site that involves Concrete, Electrical systems, or just about any other construction element? Our Concrete and Electrical Takeoffs are what busy Contractors like you rely on.

And here’s the kicker: we use an unbeatable online database to offer exact Takeoff Services for Material Quantities. This is not just any tool; it is the key to accurate and reliable procurement supplier pricing that keeps your projects moving smoothly. Furthermore, with us, you get prime Material Takeoff Services. This is why we have become the first choice for every Contractor in the State.

Our Services are designed with different Contractors in mind. Whether it’s the humidity or the heat, we get it because we live it. If you're looking to streamline your Estimating with a crew that understands the local landscape inside and out, we're here to help. With us, you can spend less time crunching numbers and more time winning more construction projects. Because, our accurate Construction Estimating Services are on your back.

SIX Ways We Nail it Every Time

When you phone or mail us and say, “Hello/Hola, I need construction estimating services”, then we give you a treat of six-pack estimates.


Accuracy: 100% Ensured


Estimates: Fully Detailed


Calculations: Customized


Quality Assurance: Added


Prices: Zip Code-Based


Compliance: Eco-Smart

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Meet Our Happy, Highly Trained, and Certified Estimators

Our squad of homegrown professional Estimators always stands ready to serve. Each one of us is as Floridian as key lime pie, which means we have a deep understanding of what it takes to build in this unique paradise.

We are not just familiar with the local construction trends; we are part of the community that sets them. From the latest hurricane-resistant designs to the newest eco-friendly materials, we know what's happening because we live it every day.

And those complex building regulations Florida is known for? We haveve got them memorized. Whether navigating the stringent codes of Miami-Dade or ensuring compliance in the laid-back Keys, we know the ins and outs of Florida's diverse building regulations like the back of our hand.

Our expertise is not just about knowledge; it is about passion. A passion for building better, safer, and smarter in the place we love. When you work with us, you are not just getting cost calculations; you are getting a piece of that Floridian spirit. This is why we are always dedicated, detailed, and ready to rise to the challenge.

No Delays, Quick Turnarounds with Top-Notch Estimates

Are you trying to build new Commercial Projects in Florida? Whether it's the sunny beaches or the bustling cities, we have your cost calculation covered like the warm Florida sun. We have been navigating the complex landscape of the state's construction scene, and we are here to share our expertise with you. And our every Construction Estimate is an emblem of our quality work.

Rooted right here in the Sunshine State, we specialize in delivering precise, reliable Cost Estimates that make your Construction Projects smoother and more predictable. With local Floridian professionals at the helm, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities of building in the State. We know it all, from the building codes designed to withstand Mother Nature’s mood swings to the latest trends sweeping through our vibrant communities.

We offer comprehensive services tailored to the state's market, including detailed Takeoffs, labor cost assessments, and everything in between. Our use of cutting-edge technology combined with our deep local knowledge ensures that your projects are Estimated accurately, helping you stay on budget and on time. Moreover, horizon of Construction USA demands the best. Similar is the case in Florida. Hence, we are complying.

Don't let cost uncertainties cloud your Construction Projects. Turn to us, where our passion for Florida's Construction landscape meets our expertise in Cost Estimating. Reach out today and take the first step towards stress-free project planning with us. You deserve the best. So, join us today. Why don't you ask us for a Concrete Takeoff or Electrical Takeoff first?

Florida Loves Working with Us

Estimation is Not Boring: We’ve Made it Fun

Welcome! Imagine this: 18 years ago, equipped with ambition and calculators, we started on a journey from humble beginnings with just three of us. Today, our team boasts over 86 certified estimation experts, all embodying our signature ‘Happy Culture.’ It’

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Daniel Cole

We Handle the Complications of Estimates, So You Don't Have To!

Do you have a Construction Project in the Sunshine State? Look no further than our top-tier Construction Estimating Services. We are the leading Estimators providing multi-faceted solutions. Our Construction Takeoff Services and Material Takeoff Services are second to none. We Excel in civil Construction Projects, Construction Takeoff Services, and more. We delivere accurate Construction Estimates for any project you have up your sleeve. Similarly, we help with the exact Construction Takeoff by keeping in mind any type of site constraint.

Here in Florida, we know that the key to a successful Construction venture lies in precise and reliable Cost Estimates. That's why our Estimating Services in Florida stand out in the bustling Construction Industry. Our seasoned Construction Estimating team is dedicated to making sure every brick, beam, and board is counted accurately. With our comprehensive Quantity Takeoff and detailed Estimating procedures, you will be set up for success from day one. You also get the most applicable Construction Costs from us because we consider the local site constraints of every Construction in town.

Whether you are managing a sprawling Commercial Development or a nuanced Civil Construction Project, our Estimating Services cover them all. We have honed our skills to provide accurate Construction Cost that save you time and money, ensuring your Construction Project runs smoothly. We are your go-to experts for Construction Estimation, guiding you through each step with unparalleled precision.

Trust us to handle your construction estimating needs with the care and expertise only a true Floridian can offer. For the best Construction Estimating Services Florida has to offer, let's turn your Construction dreams into a reality with the most accurate Construction Cost Estimating in the business.

Join the Winning Team with Esteemed Services of Estimation

Let us tell you about our top-notch Construction Estimating Services. We are the go-to folks for all your Estimating needs, providing cost-effective costings that keep your Construction budget in check. Our professional Estimators are experts in Material Takeoffs, Concrete Takeoffs, Electrical Takeoffs, and MEP Estimating. Whether you are a Commercial Contractor or handling more Constructions than you can count, we have got you covered. Our 100% exact Construction Cost is the back bone of your any Project.

Our senior cost manager ensures every Construction Cost is accurate, from material costs to labor pricing. We offer commendable services in Florida, making sure busy Contractors can focus on building while we handle the numbers. Our Quantity Estimators provide top-quality Quantity Takeoffs and Material Takeoffs, keeping your Commercial Project on track from start to finish. We know the importance of quality control in the Construction Industry, so we meticulously manage the entire process to deliver precise Construction Costs.

With our Takeoff Services, you'll receive detailed Material Lists and Cost Assessments, giving you the edge in project planning and execution. Our Estimating standards ensure you get nothing but the best, with services tailored to meet the demands of Construction in the State. From small-scale projects to large Commercial endeavors, our Commercial Takeoff service is designed to support every aspect of your build. Similarly, our Cost-effective Estimates are enough for you to win the bids.

Don’t let the complexity of Construction Estimation cause you stress. Our premium Estimating Services in Florida ensure your ventures run smoothly, efficiently, and on budget. With our expertise in Quantity Takeoff and Material Takeoff Services, busy Contractors can breathe easy knowing their material logistics are in good hands. Let’s partner up and make your Construction dreams a reality with the best Cost Estimating. Reach out today and see how our leading Estimating Company can help you.

Comprehensive Estimates By Expert Estimators

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Real-Time Pricing for Accurate Material and Labor Costs

If you are diving into a Construction venture in the USA, look no further than our top-tier Construction Estimating Company. We offer multi-faceted Estimation Services that include precise Material Lists and comprehensive Construction Takeoffs. Our Construction Cost Estimators use advanced onscreen Takeoff tools and online databases to handle bid filing and provide accurate costings. Whether dealing with site constraints or meeting international standards, we fully support you. General Contractors trust us to manage the total Cost and Materials required. We help Commercial Contractors secure more projects with our accurate Estimates seamlessly. Our reliable Services ensure your project runs smoothly at every stage. Partner with us and make your next build a success right here in sunny Florida!

Accuracy Guaranteed with Our Quality Assurance Experts

Our company, "Florida Estimate," delivers multi-faceted Commercial Estimating Services for Projects in Cape Coral and Miami-Dade. We work closely with Contractors to provide accurate costings covering all CSI divisions. Furthermore, our QA experts ensure a smooth process, helping clients manage Construction Costs effectively. Whether you are a Contractor handling Residential or Commercial Projects, we offer detailed costings and expert insights. The benefits are clear: reliable Estimates, streamlined project management, and a dedicated Estimator by your side. Trust us for the best Construction Estimates.

Easy Estimates

Fast, Friendly, Foolproof: Our Estimation Process is a Gr8 Experience

Ready for a hassle-free estimate that’s as fun as a day at the beach? Start with us by following just the 4 easiest steps, and let’s start building together.

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Share Plans

Send us your plans in any way you like email works like a charm! Shoot them over to [email protected]. Any format, we are not picky. Do you have unfinished plans? That is no problem; we can still help out. Our estimates are enough for every project stage. Oh, you can also share plans by hitting that button below.

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Free Quote

Our expert cost wizards, all certified engineers, dive into your project, missing nada. They meticulously check each SOW (Scope of Work), peek at local building codes, and even look at zip code price indicators. Our updated pricing database shines your estimates more. Then, bam! In about 5 to 10 minutes, you've got yourself a super reasonable quote from us.


Deposit Funds

Our price tags for estimation services? Super wallet-friendly, amigos! Once you give our quote the thumbs-up, we zip an invoice your way easy-peasy via Paypal, Credit, or Debit cards. The moment we get the 'all clear' signal on funds from you, boom! Our ace estimators kick off crafting the perfect estimates just for you.



Our estimates go through different phases before they reach you. First off, a seasoned pro whips up the numbers. Then, the department gives it a once-over. And just when you thought we were done, our quality squad gives it the final thumbs up. All set for you to bid like a champ. We will have that winning estimate in your hands between 8 to 24 business hours. Win!

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Foremost Work

Assembling “Wow” Estimates in Florida

Florida's construction world wants more, a lot more from you. We gotta keep up and stay on top as the go-to estimators for Florida's builders. That's why we boost our estimates a bit more every single time when you say to us, “Hello/Hola”.



Total Construction Know-How of Sunshine State


Quality Check Squad for 100% Okay Estimates


Tech-Friendly Estimators for the Florida of Future


Quantity Takeoff Experts for Pinpoint Accuracy


Scopes’ Expert Estimators for Precision Outcomes


Fully In Sync with Tomorrow's Construction Moves

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Unleash the King of All Estimates; Our Estimate

Roll the dice with us. Our first estimate will make you our Client forever.


Good Vibes: (only) From Our Clients

Profile Lee Jennings

In a world where precision equals profitability, Florida Estimate has become indispensable to our construction estimation operations. The depth of their work has turned our estimating process from a guessing game into a strategic advantage, driving our success rate with bids significantly higher. Highly recommended.

Profile Mark Thompson

David, your deep understanding of the Florida construction market has given us a competitive edge in the bidding process that was previously missing. With your support, our bid success rate has soared, and our business has grown significantly. Thank you for being a reliable partner in our success.

Profile Michael Roberts

I have been working with Florida Estimate for the last three years for all my construction projects, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Their team of estimators is highly skilled and knowledgeable enough to provide accurate and detailed estimates that have helped me win bids and complete projects successfully. I must say, they are the best in the business.

Profile Emily Chen

Lilly, the level of detail and accuracy you bring to the table has transformed how we approach construction project bids. Thanks to your deep insights, we are bidding more confidently and winning more projects. You and your estimating team have earned our trust and become an essential part of our business.

Profile Martinez

I cannot thank Florida Estimate enough for their exceptional services. Their team has consistently delivered precise and reliable estimates for my construction projects, making it possible for me to take on new projects with confidence. They have certainly helped me grow my business and improve my bottom line.

Profile Samantha Lee

As a small construction business, we rely on Florida Estimate to help with our estimation needs. The team is always thorough and delivers precise estimates that have greatly improved our bidding process. We have seen an increase in our success rate, thanks to Florida Estimate's expertise and dedication to their work.

Profile Jane Smith

Florida Estimate has been a game-changer for our construction endeavors. Their unparalleled expertise offered us the vital insights needed to meet and exceed our project goals. By optimizing our resource allocation based on their estimations, we've seen remarkable outcomes. Their service isn’t just good; it’s commendable at every turn.

Profile Jose Martinez

Imagine this scenario: you're in a bind, the deadline's breathing down your neck. Then, these absolute heroes come in with the most accurate estimate you could hope for. Suddenly, my once-doomed project is not just back on track; it's ahead of schedule. Talk about a Florida miracle!

Profile Robert Brown

From one Floridian to another, trust me, these are the go-to folks for construction estimates. Quick, accurate, and they really get our local vibe. Their team made my home project feel like a walk on the beach. These folks are truly the Champs. Keep up the hustle!

Profile Max James

Exceptional service. Their crew provided detailed cost estimates that matched our construction project’s specifications perfectly. Their expertise in the Florida construction market is evident in the provided estimations. Nowadays, if anyone asks me for construction estimating, I refer people to this company.

Profile Sophia Gonzales

You know that feeling of sheer panic over a spiralling project? Been there. I gave these guys a call. And just like that—bam! They delivered an estimate that not only made sense but also brought order to my chaotic situation. It was like striking pure Florida gold, a real lifesaver.

Profile Marco Perez

Tom's calculations and precision are unmatched. Working with him on our project’s takeoff was a piece of cake, and the results were astonishing. His dedication is clear, making every penny spent well worth it. A true professional. And I must say this company’s customer support team is also highly friendly.

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We got the numbers for any construction project from timber dwellings, futuristic homes, fitness centers, athletic complexes, educational institutes, manufacturing hubs, buying places, sky-high buildings, medical facilities, pathways, harbors, to everything else popping up in Florida.

Hey, you know, those ups and downs in material costs? Totally not in our hands. But, we are all about being on top of things, updating our price list every single day. So when you ring us up for an estimate, boom, you get the latest, spot-on prices for materials.

Yep, every bit of our estimates lines up with those Uniformat and Master Format guidelines in Florida, for sure!

Absolutely, we are experts at crafting the essential estimates for any kind of makeover, renovation, or remodeling. Don't hesitate to reach out; we are always there for you.

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